Q&A with Author Peter Zeihan: How Shale is Reshaping America and the World

February 16, 2017
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy, Knowledge Leaders, News

We recently met with geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan to discuss world events since the American election and his new book, “The Absent Superpower,” released last month. In the book, Peter credits energy and resource innovations with reshaping the global geopolitical environment. He predicts by 2019, US oil production costs could drop to $25 per barrel, making US shale producers potentially the lowest cost oil producers on the planet. America’s move into energy independence he says, will reshape global dynamics for at least the next three decades.

We covered so much ground in our visit with Peter, we’ll publish two reports. In this first one, we address the broad impact of the Shale Revolution, which he calls, “the greatest evolution of the American industrial space since 1970.” Click the link below to download the Q&A. We hope you enjoy the discussion.


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