(VIDEO) Our Hidden Gem from Inside ETFs Last Week February 22, 2019

By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders, News

Last week we were selected as a “Hidden Gem” at the Inside ETF conference in Hollywood, Florida. Steven Vannelli gave a 3-minute pitch on our investment strategy. Here’s what he said. Knowledge Leaders Hidden Gems 3-min Pitch   “Hidden Gems” are 12 under-the-radar ETF ideas…

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The Credit Markets Have Stalled February 15, 2019

By Steven Vannelli, CFA in Markets

Credit markets often move before the equity markets, and this can offer helpful information about the near-term path of equity prices. In general, I like to see credit confirming what the equity markets seem to be saying. When credit stalls, like it is now, I…

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Putting this Rally Into Historical Context February 14, 2019

By Bryce Coward, CFA in Markets

Several weeks ago we did some research to find out what a typical rally looks like after a big waterfall-like decline takes place. The takeaway was that the rallies after those waterfall declines have lasted anywhere from 1 to 74 days and have retraced 20-90+%…

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Currency Markets & Knightian Uncertainty February 08, 2019

By Steven Vannelli, CFA in Economy, Markets

Knightian uncertainty is named after University of Chicago economist Frank Knight (1885–1972), who distinguished risk and uncertainty in his work Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit: “Uncertainty must be taken in a sense radically distinct from the familiar notion of Risk, from which it has never been properly separated…. The essential fact is that ‘risk’ means…

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The Employment Report is Not All It’s Cracked up to Be February 01, 2019

By Bryce Coward, CFA in Economy

Today’s “blowout” employment report, while strong in some respects, should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s important to remember that employment is a lagging indicator. Payroll employment often peaks either at the beginning or middle of recessions, so it provides virtually no warning…

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