Knowledge Leaders

Quarterly Update: Knowledge Leaders Strategy April 20, 2017

Posted by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Economy, Knowledge Leaders, Markets

In this quarter’s Knowledge Leaders Strategy update, we discuss our work in four areas. 1. The state of global innovation: After 52 years, Moore’s Law is alive and well with the number of transistors per chip still doubling every two years. Since semiconductors are the general…

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Gavekal Capital, LLC is now Knowledge Leaders Capital March 17, 2017

Posted by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Knowledge Leaders

I’m delighted to share some firm news: as of today, we are Knowledge Leaders Capital. Independently owning and operating an investment advisory has been my dream since interning at my father’s firm in the early 1990s. I founded this advisory firm in 2006, in Denver,…

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Q&A with Peter Zeihan, Part 2: Three New Wars March 13, 2017

Posted by Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy, Knowledge Leaders, News

We recently met with geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan to discuss world events since the American election and his new book, “The Absent Superpower: The Shale Revolution and a World without America.” In the book, Peter credits energy and resource innovations with reshaping the global geopolitical…

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