When Companies Invest in the Future – The Intangible Investor Podcast, Ep. 7

January 09, 2020
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Podcasts

Have you ever wondered why innovative companies seem to beat expectations time and again? Bryce explains how investing in intellectual property can skew a company’s earnings and discusses some of the sectors and companies leading this trend. What will the recent drop in net savings mean for future investments? Steve interprets the signals from new Flow of Funds data.

On The Intangible Investor Podcast, Bryce Coward and Steven Vannelli of the Knowledge Leaders Capital investment team discuss all things innovation, financial markets and macroeconomics.

As of 12/31/19, Robert Half, Best Buy, GameStop, Sprouts, Avon, Google and Microsoft were not held and Amazon.com, Estee Lauder, eBay and Expedia were held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.

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