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U.S. Core PCE Inflation is Still Not Coming Down

02 Jun, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy, News

In the United States, Core PCE Inflation is still 5.0% after a recent reversal in disinflation. This measure is followed by the Fed and excludes volatile food and energy inflation. It has remained elevated on an annualized quarterly basis, with a 1-year percent change of...

CPI Confirms Fed is Close to Stopping

14 Mar, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy

Headline CPI came in today as expected at 0.4%, however core inflation (ex food and energy) came in slightly higher at 0.5% versus the estimated 0.4% increase. Before the Silicon Valley Bank failure and currently ongoing banking rout unfolded last week, Jerome Powell said he...

December CPI Report Makes Next Fed Moves More Uncertain

12 Jan, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy

The December U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index came in exactly as expected according to Bloomberg’s survey of economists. Headline CPI came in at -0.1% month over month and 6.5% year over year, and Core (CPI Ex Food and Energy) came in at...