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Momentum Continues To Diverge From Price Action

17 Nov, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

As we have noted many times before, a simple way of measuring momentum is by looking at the percentage of companies that have a 50-day moving average above its 200-day moving average. Robust bull moves tend to have a rising percentage of stocks where the...

European Sector Overview

06 Jan, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

Though we primarily use our point-and-figure methodology when assessing attributes of individual stocks, we are also able to look at broader sets of data (such as sectors) to get a quick sense of price performance.For the MSCI Europe, we have the good… …the bad… …and...

What Does The Average Stock Look Like?

12 Nov, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

We find that it is useful at times to step back from individual stock analysis and compare sectors to understand what are the the dynamics going on in the stock market. When we look at sectors, we look at it from an ”equal-weighted” basis rather...