Don’t Waste Your Time On Commodity ETFs

06 Apr, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Markets

Oil tends to get all the headline but commodities in general continue to take a beating. The Reuters CRB Continuous Commodity Index is down nearly 24% over the past year. Our commodities diffusion index is at its lowest level since February 2009....

Is That Leveraged ETF Worth It? Comparing SSO and VOO

17 Feb, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Portfolio Management

As ETFs control a larger number of assets under management, it is no surprise that the options available to investors are getting ever more exotic. One of the early examples (and thus we actually have history available) of exotic ETFs are leveraged ETFs....

Long Duration Bonds Seem Like The Right Play

30 Jan, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Markets

The Barclays US Aggregate Treasury total return index is up nearly 6% year-over-year. This index has a modified duration of 5.75 years. Not a bad return considering the on-the-run 5-year treasury is currently yielding 118 basis points....