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Potential Trend Change In American Driving Habits

10 Apr, by Knowledge Leaders Team in News

The second half of 2014 and the first month of 2015 (latest data available) shows a significant increase in total miles driven and total miles driven per capita. Total miles driven on an annual basis has reached an all-time high. The 2.12% year-over-year change is...

Americans Are Driving The Most Since 2008

02 Feb, by Knowledge Leaders Team in News

The latest data (November) out of the US Department of Transportation for miles driven on US roads shows that more miles were driven on an annualized basis in November than in any month since July 2008....

Americans Just Don’t Drive Like They Used To

03 Jun, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

During our massive monthly data review on commodities, inflation, trade and leading indicators, one of the consistently eye-opening data points, even though we have seen the chart many times, is the leveling off of aggregate amount of miles driven on all roads and streets (annualized)...