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Spotlight Simply Good Foods: Tastemaking for a “Snackier” Consumer

13 May, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Simply Good Foods makes protein bars, nutrition shakes and snacks sold under two brands popular with people following low-carb and low-sugar lifestyles—Atkins and Quest. Based in Denver, Colorado, this Knowledge Leader has bold ambitions, aiming to drive nutritious snacking trends by continually offering new convenient...

The Consumer Staples Sector is No Place To Hide

02 Nov, by Bryce Coward, CFA in Markets, Portfolio Management

The Consumer Staples sector is often viewed as a safe haven; a sector that, because of its inherent cash flow stability, market participants can turn to as a place of refuge when things get shaky. Yet, persistent fundamental decline among North American Staples companies may...

Growth Defensive Sectors Outperforming With Broad Participation

13 Nov, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

For the last last month, the MSCI World consumer staples and health care sectors have taken the lead. Of the counter-cyclical sectors, these are the two ”growth defensive” sectors while telecom and utilities are more ”income defensives”. Performance in these growth defensive sectors has been...