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Chinese Demand Buoys Outlook for its Neighbors

03 Feb, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy

With Caixin China PMI numbers today broadly confirming Monday’s official CCP data, the outlook for China and its neighbors remains bright. The general trends shown in the Caixin PMIs reflect those of Japan and South Korea. Manufacturing held steady or gained slightly across Asia in...

Japanese vs. South Korean Exporters in China’s Great Reopening

30 Jan, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy

South Korea and Japan are the top two source nations for Chinese imports respectively, and generally they export the same kinds of manufactured goods. With the expected explosion in demand from China’s reopening, both countries stand poised for a trade windfall. However, we could see...

Abenomics is Failing on Multiple Fronts

21 Feb, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

With each passing month it is becoming more clear that Abenomics is, at least so far, failing to meet one of its critical goals, which is to stimulate exports and bring the country back to a trade surplus. Indeed, the latest trade statistics revealed the...