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MSCI Europe Could Fall 30% With ECB Asset Purchases?

26 Jan, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Markets

Most investors are generally aware of the reflationary effects of QE conducted by the U.S. Fed. It is reasonable to imagine that, in announcing its intent to embark on Europe’s own version of quantitative easing, the ECB anticipates a similar effect with respect to European...

Is the Fed’s Liquidity Pump Responsible for Intraday Price Action?

16 Jan, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy

Yesterday we highlighted that our Weak Stock Market Close Indicator indicator had surged to the highest level since 2012 and today a client made the good point that our Weak Stock Market Close indicator seemed to give more false signals when the Fed was engaging in...

Treasury Bond Yields Keep Falling as Taper Continues

18 Aug, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

Despite today’s modest uptick in treasury bond yields, the downward trajectory in yields coinciding with the Fed’s tapering of asset purchases remains firmly intact. Admittedly we’ve been harping on this point now for months, so we’ll keep this post short and sweet....