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The US and China: The Tech Cold War Continues

07 Mar, by Brian Clark in Markets, News

For decades since the end of the Cold War there have been very limited restrictions on foreign investments by US investors compared to those of other countries. This has allowed US investors to transact in a wide array of international investment options. Indeed, following the...


23 Jul, by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Economy, Knowledge Leaders, Markets

We believe the technology sector is broadly breaking down. ​​​​​That's the bad news. The good news is that the correlation between pure growth stocks and pure value stocks has plunged. This means that growth only explains about 5% of the movement in value stocks right now....

Is Secular Leadership in US Technology Over?

20 May, by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Markets, Portfolio Management

We believe the US technology sector has reached a level of valuation such that it is has the potential to substantially subtract from portfolio returns going forward. In this mid-quarter update, we: -Highlight how we monitor valuations in the global stock markets while shining a spotlight...