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Is Now the Time for Small Cap Growth to Shine?

03 Aug, by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Markets

Across US indexes, growth has experienced a resurgence relative to value off the June 17, 2022 low. In this piece, I am going to focus on small-cap stocks and consider their merits through the lens of: 1) US Treasury yields, 2) oil prices, and 3)...


23 Jul, by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Economy, Knowledge Leaders, Markets

We believe the technology sector is broadly breaking down. ​​​​​That's the bad news. The good news is that the correlation between pure growth stocks and pure value stocks has plunged. This means that growth only explains about 5% of the movement in value stocks right now....

Is the Re-Opening/Value Trade Over?

07 Jul, by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Markets, Portfolio Management

Interest rates have been falling in recent months leading some to speculate that the “re-opening” trade has run its course. This in turn begs the question as to whether the “value” trade is over. On both accounts, we see signals that still point to an...