Is There a Relationship Between Innovation and Stock Price? — A Killer Innovations Interview

August 18, 2015
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Last week, Steve Vannelli was a guest on Killer Innovations Radio, a show about ideas, creativity and innovation — where leading innovators discuss how to go from ideas to breakthroughs. He discussed a few companies that make the cut as Knowledge Leaders, some on their way out of Knowledge Leader  status, and three things business leaders should keep in mind when thinking about innovation investment. 

Listen to Steve’s interview here.

About Killer Innovations: hosted by Phil McKinney, the award-winning podcast shares the skills and lessons learned from his +30 year career developing award winning products and technologies used by 100’s of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide.  The objective is to share with the audience how to harness the power of innovation to radically improve personal, career and business success. In July of 2015, the show was picked up for national syndication as a talk radio show on the BizTalk Radio Network. The show is live on Sundays at 5:00PM East – 2:00PM West.  The Sunday show is re-broadcast on Saturday at 6:00AM East – 3:00AM West – 10:00AM GMT for our European fans. Visit Killer Innovations to check out additional episodes.

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