Three Geopolitical Shifts to Watch this Summer, a Q&A with Peter Zeihan: Part 2 – China, North Korea and Trump

May 24, 2017
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy, News

We met with Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan for a quarterly update right before the French presidential elections. In addition to calling Macron’s win, Peter outlined the three most important geopolitical shifts for US financial advisors to watch in the coming months. In order of priority:

  • What’s next for Brexit? This is important because the UK’s moves are the most public and also the most likely to nudge talks on the European Union one way or another.
  • This fall, China will choose its future leaders. It’s time to really start watching the leadership transition in China because this will be the main driver of Xi’s policy: everything else is a subset.
  • The U.S. and President Trump: We’re all guessing at this point, and the president is involved in both of the above topics.

We’ve split the interview into two parts. Last week we shared part 1, our Q&A with Peter on recent developments in Europe and what’s next for Brexit and the European Union. Today we share part 2, on China, North Korea and the United States. Recent moves by President Trump on each of these topics appear in both.

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