Spotlight Shin-Etsu Chemical: One Step Ahead of the Engineers of the Future

February 19, 2021
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Founded in 1926, the first chemical Shin-Etsu ever manufactured was a limestone nitrogen fertilizer, made possible thanks to raw materials from two plentiful natural resources: water from the Shinano area (Shin) and limestone from the Echigo area (Etsu). The company’s name recognizes these gifts from nature.

Today Shin-Etsu Chemical produces industrial materials in three major groups, and notably, holds the position of No. 1 producer in the world for all three. First, polyvinyl chloride resins, as in the PVC pipes used in construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. Second, silicon wafers, the essential material for semiconductors and the electronics industry. Third, silicones, resins used in nearly every industry including construction, electronics, automobiles, and health care.

The firm considers its differentiator to be its constant investment in innovating to stay ahead of new demands from global customers, those companies that are engineering the futures of autonomous driving, the Internet of Things, 5G, AI and more. Seeing itself as a collaborator on new materials for solving global challenges, Shin-Etsu also maintains a commitment to ongoing innovation in sustainability.

As of 12/31/20, Shin-Etsu Chemical was not held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.

Silicon wafers, credit Shin-Etsu Chemical

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