Spotlight Wienerberger AG: Smarter, Affordable Construction for a New World

May 21, 2021
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

The Wienerberger Group makes building products for infrastructure, new construction, and renovations with a focus on enabling energy-efficient, healthy, climate-friendly, affordable living. The firm aims to help make the building process smarter and more efficient through its innovations in digital services and prefabrication. For example, Wienerberger uses natural raw materials to make its energy-efficient clay blocks and tiles for roofs, walls and gardens, and sustainable plastic for ceramic pipes used in water supply, wastewater disposal, energy, and data transfer projects. Product development takes place at several specialized research centers focused on market segments, using technologies like 3D modeling and process automation wherever possible to enhance efficiency and use of resources. The All4Roof digital tool, for instance, allows roofers to plan and finalize projects with a few mouse clicks.

Before the pandemic hit, Wienerberger had recently digitized its processes, a coincidence that allowed it to keep supply chains in operation during lockdown and led to strong results and predictability during an extraordinary year. As a result, the firm now has committed to finance additional future innovation and digitization initiatives.

By 2023, Wienerberger has committed to: reduce carbon emissions by 15 percent, launch a company-wide biodiversity program, and for 100 percent of new products to be recyclable or reusable. To draw attention to the need for affordable housing, Wienerberger has engaged in a long-term partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Because of its unique focus on innovative solutions for renovation and infrastructure, Wienerberger believes it is in a unique position to benefit from the Green New Deal of the European Union. Based in Vienna, Austria, Wienerberger employs 16,000 people in 29 countries.

Sustainable Clay Blocks are environmentally friendly. Credit: Wienerberger

As of 3/31/21 Wienerberger was held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.

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