Spotlight Dometic: Cooling, Heating, Eating & Drinking On the Go Since 1922

May 26, 2021
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Dometic makes accessories for mobile living, including in RVs, boats, campers and outdoor life. This year for example, it launched Delibox, the first temperature-controlled food delivery box created to solve the No. 1 complaint from people who order in: food arriving cold. Designed for a food delivery market that has grown 60 percent between 2017 and 2020, Delibox can be mounted on mopeds, motorcycles, electric bikes and cars. Similarly, Dometic also launched a compact mobile cooler for camping this year. Both can be powered by USB and controlled on the go via a mobile app.

Delibox, credit: Dometic

Dometic aims specifically to capture a growing trend of people spending more time outside and off the grid, offering cleverly designed, climate-friendly products for cooking and storing food and beverages, cooling, heating, charging, safety and sanitation. The firm was founded in 1922 when it invented “absorption refrigerator” technology, which uses heat as the source for cooling, a breakthrough that made food refrigeration possible on the road and led to the first mass production of refrigerators for recreational vehicles. With a focus on innovation, Dometic considers online sales and digitization of its products to be key to future growth. The firm aims to drive sustainability standards in its category, and as such emphasizes recyclability and energy-efficiency in its products. Dometic operates 22 manufacturing and assembly sites in 11 countries, and products are available in 100 countries.

A Dometic camping awning, credit: Dometic

As of 3/31/21 Dometic was held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy. 

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