Spotlight ALS: Getting Under the Surface of Global Testing

November 23, 2021
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Recognized globally as one of the largest analytical test, measurement and inspection service providers, Australia’s ALS conducts environmental monitoring, food and pharmaceutical quality assurance, mining, minerals and commodities certification, and equipment maintenance. For example, ALS’s labs perform the analysis that identifies Salmonella and Listeria outbreaks in the food supply. This summer the firm announced its labs helped researchers at the University of Washington identify a mystery toxin (quinone) in the water that was killing off coho salmon, baffling scientists for decades.

Coho salmon, Tillamook State Forest, Oregon, credit: Oregon Department of Forestry

Coho salmon, Tillamook State Forest, Oregon, credit: Oregon Department of Forestry

ALS labs also play an important role in maintaining aircraft by testing the health and condition of oil in engines and hydraulics. In 2020, the firm expanded testing capabilities through acquisitions in Mexico and Europe. Founded in 1976, ALS built its reputation around technical innovation and embracing bespoke innovative methodologies. For future growth, the firm is focused on long-term market trends, including creating the capacity to innovate quickly to respond to emerging needs, such as a new service it recently launched: testing human surfaces for the presence of the COVID-19 virus. In another new trial, ALS is using unmanned aerial vehicles to inspect coal mine sites. Based in Brisbane, Australia, ALS has over 350 operations in 65 countries. Last year, the firm processed more than 40 million samples.

As of 9/30/21, ALS was held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.

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