Spotlight Edwards Lifesciences: Advancing Treatment for Cardiovascular Disease

April 22, 2022
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Based in Irvine, California, Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader of devices for structural heart disease. With a vision to constantly innovate on behalf of people fighting cardiovascular disease, the firm makes artificial heart valves, advanced heart repair products, and monitoring devices, all while exploring the new technologies that will shape the industry’s future.

Edwards Lifesciences was founded in 1958 when Miles Edwards set out to build an artificial heart. He was a retired engineer with an array of patents and a dream to help patients with heart disease–having suffered two teenage bouts of rheumatic fever himself, a disease that often damages the heart. Edwards set to work developing what would become the first artificial heart valve, and today the firm’s products have helped treat more than two million patients worldwide.

Edwards heart valve, credit: Edwards Lifesciences

The firm manages the entire production cycle of their devices, from innovation to manufacturing and including extensive clinical training and scientific funding. Edwards’s innovation strategy is based on an intrinsic certainty that there is always a better way and a consistent focus on long term, breakthrough therapies that will fuel future growth. In 2022 the firm plans to spend 17-18% of sales on R&D and launch a number of new products as well as advance multiple clinical trials, including pivotal trials for patients with aortic stenosis, or narrowing of the aortic valve. It also plans to launch new tools in its Smart Recovery technology product line that helps patients with monitoring and recovery. The firm expects cardiovascular disease to continue to grow in the future due to an aging population, the high incidence of rheumatic fever in developing countries and improved diagnostics that are helping doctors detect problems sooner.

As of 3/31/22, Edwards Lifesciences was held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.

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