Spotlight Kforce: Creating the Workplace of the Future

May 19, 2022
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Kforce is a professional staffing and technology firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Each year this Knowledge Leader provides more than 30,000 opportunities to professionals who work for 3,000 clients, including a significant majority of the Fortune 500. Founded in 1962, this firm’s intellectual property is its highly skilled team of consultants. The “K” in Kforce stands for knowledge, which is the defining value for this company whose vision aims to build a workplace of the future based on technology, flexibility, adaptability, and choice.

Because this firm’s product is its people, a significant part of its innovation practice is to empower its employees to be the best versions of themselves. When the pandemic hit, Kforce sent all employees home to work, and a year later, made the change permanent, becoming one of the first local companies to commit to a hybrid “office-occasional” work style. In May of 2021, Kforce sold its large Tampa, Florida, corporate campus and signed a lease in Midtown Tampa for a sliver of the office space. To share the results of this experiment, the firm features an ongoing video blog where employees post stories on how they’re using the flexibility to design lives with greater balance while taking their careers to the next level. Encouraging its staff to thrive has been such a successful endeavor that Kforce now is expanding the model to all 35 other offices nationwide. The firm’s CEO attributes its success to a constant focus on trust and state-of-the-art technology. Recently, Kforce was voted the No. 1 brand recognized by IT consultants.

Credit: Kforce

As of 3/31/22, KForce was held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.

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