Spotlight Netscout: Guardians of the Connected World

July 21, 2022
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Netscout delivers cybersecurity software and services that protect large corporate networks from attacks, optimize performance, and navigate near-constant upgrades to adapt to the latest technology trends. In addition, Netscout is a tier 1 operator of 5G, assisting carriers to launch new 5G networks and protect them from attacks using traffic pattern insights it derives from powerful data analytics.

Based in Westford, Massachusetts, Netscout was founded as Frontier Software in 1984 by current CEO Anil Singhal and chairman emeritus Narendra Popat. In 2007, the firm acquired Network General after Network General’s own merger with McAfee Associates. Through various mergers and acquisitions over the years, the company landed on its current name.

Indeed, this Knowledge Leader believes in embracing change. Netscout applies what is calls a “holistic approach” to keep pace with innovation. To do so, it manages networks by creating visibility into every level of the network from start to finish and then homing in on the interdependencies between them. They refer to this approach as “Visibility Without Borders” and credit the philosophy for Netscout’s ability to maintain control in today’s everchanging world.

Visual rendering of Netscout’s Smart Edge Monitoring for enterprises and organizations, credit: Netscout

As of 6/30/22, Netscout was held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.

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