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Has Innovation Bottomed? Is It Cheap Yet?

20 Sep, by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Knowledge Leaders, Markets

Innovation was the market darling thematic for many years leading up to COVID. The pandemic turbo-charged returns for innovation as the stay-at-home beneficiaries did phenomenally well. However, since the first quarter of 2021 innovation has struggled as a thematic strategy. It appears to us that...

Spotlight Hexagon: Fusing the Physical World with the Digital

25 Nov, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Knowledge Leaders

Founded in 1992 to build sensor and measurement tools for factories, farms and mines, Sweden’s Hexagon AB is at work today fusing the physical world with the digital. By integrating hard data collection with software, mobile and cloud-based technologies, this Knowledge Leader uses the tools...

Pharmaceuticals: Value WIthin The Healthcare Industry

26 Feb, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Markets

The heatlhcare sector has been the leadership group over the last five years in all geographies of the MSCI World Index.  The most well known industries within the healthcare sector are the biotech and pharmaceutical industry....