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Is Secular Leadership in US Technology Over?

20 May, by Steven Vannelli, CFA in Markets, Portfolio Management

We believe the US technology sector has reached a level of valuation such that it is has the potential to substantially subtract from portfolio returns going forward. In this mid-quarter update, we: -Highlight how we monitor valuations in the global stock markets while shining a spotlight...

Geopolitics Update: Trade War, Tariffs & the Coming Tech Implosion

24 May, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Economy, News

As the Trump administration's on-again, off-again trade war with China continues to create uncertainty for investors, we sat down with geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan to learn more about the tariff program and what it could mean for the US economy. Similarly, we discussed the changing outlook...

Citrix Systems Breaks Down on Disappointing Q3 Pre-Announcement

10 Oct, by Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

Today Citrix Systems is down over 11% in early trading after pre-announcing a Q3 shortfall in both revenue and earnings. This will likely lead to the stock breaking down in our relative strength point an figure charts, dropping below a three year old trading range....