Technology, Health Care and Staples On A Run

November 14, 2013
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

In each sector of the MSCI World index we measure the percent of stocks going up, the percent of stocks going down and the net percent of stocks going up (percent up – percent down).

Over the last 20 days, 60% of all information technology companies were up and 40% were down.  So, net +20% of tech stocks were up.  In contrast, only 34% of the utilities were up and 66% were down.  That’s almost 2:1 on the downside.


We also measure the percent of days stocks from each sector are up and the percent of days they are down. Over the long-term this mean reverts to 50%, but over the short term stocks can go on “runs”. Over the last 20 days, health care, consumer staples and information technology were up 56%, 55% and 54% of the days respectively.  On the other hand, utilities were only up 48% of the days.


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