The Damage In Japan

May 09, 2014
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

Over the last fifty days, Japan has been the weakest major stock market.  Measured by the average performance of MSCI industry groups, the average stock in Japan is down 3.71% over the last fifty days.


Internals are quite weak too.  Only 43% of Japanese stocks are above their 50-day average.

Percent Above Moving Average

Only 4% of Japanese stocks are making new 50-day highs.

Percent Making New Highs

Over the previous fifty days, only 35% of Japanese stocks have experienced positive performance.

Percent With Positive Performance

38% of Japanese stocks are 10% or more away from three month highs.

Distance From 3-Month Highs

Lastly, only 27% of Japanese stocks have outperformed the MSCI World index over the last 50 days.

Percent Outperforming MSCI World

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