German And French 10-2 Spread Flattest In The Last 5 Years

July 21, 2014
By Knowledge Leaders Team in Uncategorized

The front-end of the yield curve has flattened in many bond markets this year. The German and French bond markets closed last week with their 10-year bond yield minus 2-year bond yield spread at it’s smallest level since January 2009. The German spread fell to 1.13% while the French spread dropped to 1.42%. The 10-2 spread for the United States has also narrowed this year to 2%. That’s the lowest level in a little over a year.


Unlike the front-end, the long-end of the yield curve has not moved in tandem this year. The spread between the 30-year bond yield and 10-year bond yield has actually slightly widened this year for France and Germany. In contrast, the 30-10 spread for the United Sates has narrowed.


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